Love… those who have faith in you sometimes go astray…

secret love…

This song goes to my grandpa… the most amazing MAN I have ever known!

A thousand kisses from u is never enough…

Its #Music Monday… this artist is very special to me for various reasons… RIP Luther!


This my dedication to all of the people that left the world this week. Here’s to you, whether you were my ICON or someone elses. This song is also for us that are still here… just remember, we are all simply ORDINARY PEOPLE!

Michael Jackson begged and pleaded to be left alone. People saw him as odd, while he just wanted to have all the things money couldn’t buy most people. Michaels talent was both a gift and a curse. While his music touched the lives of millions, he became a slave to his gift, and therefore he missed out on a lot of lifes experiences. There was one thing that no amount of money could buy him that he longed for more than anything else in this world that many of us take forgranted: his CHILDHOOD.

RIP Michael Jackson!

In dedication to Michael… the man who revolutionized music… Make that change.

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